April 11, 2009

Setting up Puppy for Multi-Lingual operation

Download File from

File download



and then add key board layout with shortcut key switch setting

Netbeans Installation

Java developer for puppylinux also work with netbeans, so we able to summary that shortcut how to install netbeans detail as follow.

1. download jdk 6 for net bean at

2. copy to opt directory

3. goto rxvt (command run windows)

4. chmod +x

5. type file name to install

6. copy netbeans install file (*.sh) to opt directory

7. chmod +x

8. type file name to install

9. Type at the command prompt: /netbeans-install-directory/bin/netbeans

PHP install with XAMPP

We try so many time to make php code work well with puppylinux, which we had got assistance from puppylinux chat room, so we found XAMPP, which make puppylinux work well.
Where download XAMPP


cd /folder/where/I/have/xampp

copy xampp-linux-1.7.tar.gz to opt

extract it using this line code: tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.tar.gz -C /opt

open an other terminal

and go to /opt/lampp

go to the lampp directory

and type: ./lampp start

for try your php scripts, you must save all it at the htdocs folder inside lampp directory


http://localhost if finish start lampp

(how to create short cut to start xampp)

create script to make a shortcut


cd /

cd opt/lampp

./lampp start