May 18, 2008

Re-Master Puppylinux

After we have finished setup our impress puppylinux, every program we like already we put in. So we able to re-master our CD by access
- Menu => Setup => Remaster Puppy Live CD

After we've finish this process we would got perfect puppylinux as we want in next re-boot with our Puppy new Live CD.

Success with Multisession CD

Today success for Multisession CD, which we able to burn ISO file to CD in PuppyLinux(without any Microsoft Windows application).
In PuppyLinux
- Goto Menu => Multimedia => Burn2CD => follow up windows suggestion from Puppy and select ISO file.
Note: Don't forget select Multisession before burn ISO file

- After we have re-boot with new Multisession need configure Puppy work as our impress.
- After select shutting down computer we need save file(.2fs) to our harddisk for fast boot in next booting.

What is sfs use for Puppylinux

filename.SFS is file, which puppylinux can be loaded at bootup, which need save in /mnt/home
BootManager able to access from System menu => BootManager Configure Bootup

xampp doesn't work for USB puppylinux

xampp doesn't work for USB puppylinux, which the best web server for every puppylinux platform is monkey web server.

May 17, 2008

Puppy Linux V4 was launch

PuppyLinux Version 4 was launch please check what new on and
Mention to product support puppylinux and linux please check our sponsor.