October 28, 2007

Impression in PuppyLinux

My impress with puppylinux occur yesterday
My friend computer use windows, which C drive nearly full because a lot of data file in there and got windows XP was hang up unable to do any things with that computer.
Mention to this difficult to use DOS cleared those data, so I use puppylinux clean it.
Yippy! it's work and my friend happy his computer come up with out any data loss, no need format hard disk and no need re-install program also fast to fix this problem.

October 13, 2007

Bug In Puppy Linux

I found Bug in Puppy Linux today, which Puppy Linux re-start my computer during I was playing Chat program in Puppy Linux and during this time internet was down.

After computer re-start puppylinux unable to re-cover need to make new flash drive boot

PuppyLinux version 3.0 Released

Puppy Version 3.0 released, which after I have checked this version increase was develop items as below.
1. Icon useful show in desktop
2. IRC Chatting room (quite difference with 2.17) increase multi-Chat platform access
3. Easy to install PET

and etc. please check in

How to join puppylinux chat room in v 3.0

Mention to puppylinux version 3.0 not automatic access to puppylinux IRC chat room, so wee need to a little bit setup follow process as below.
1. Add account (input account name)
2. Goto Buddies menu => join a chat
3. At Join a Chat window in Channel: => fill #puppylinux => join

have fun!

October 7, 2007

Install pet package

Two ways to install pet package
1. if file name as *.tar.gz , go to pet install icon (in puppylinux v.3.0 released)
- Click button to run the Pet get package manager
- if you have downloaded file to your computer select small button and select file to install
2. if file name as *.pet (or *.pup) able to click it to install package

October 6, 2007

Entertainment In PuppyLinux

Easy 2 ways you can play movies in PuppyLinux
1. Drag and Drop your movies file to movies player

2. Select DVD, CD or any media as you want