September 16, 2007

Puppy Version 2.17 Released

Puppy Version 2.17 Released on Friday, July 20, 2007, 12:25 AM


Enhanced dialup: Automatic detection and setup of serial and many soft-modems
Enhanced printing:Finally, Puppy has CUPS! Puppy supports over 500 printers out-of-the-box. Extra Hewlett Packard drivers are available as a PET package
Print-to-PDF: This is out-of-the-box setup for CUPS, with the 'CUPS-PDF printer' ready to go.
MMC and SD cards: These are now fully automatically supported. You should not have to setup anything.
Boot configuration: BootManager was introduced in Puppy 2.16 now taken the next step and added management of modules.
Hardware information: PupScan is my GUI application to view PCI and modules information. USB information is now added.
Pmount is a drive mounter
Boot from USB CD/DVD drive: the live-CD will now boot from this, as well as the usual internal CD/DVD drive
Boot from floppy disk: Puppy has this for a long time, now WakePup2 (floppy image file) has been greatly enhanced
ePDFView PDF viewer

and etc please

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