September 29, 2007

Save configuration while PuppyLinux shutdown

First time boot we need to setup
Setup while booting process
-keyboard layout
-display (monitor)
setup in PuppyLinux windows
-internet connection

So, after we shutting down PuppyLinux puppy would ask would like to save session (configuration) or not
-select "yes" to save configuration and for the next boot we would not require to setup in process upon again.

Setting internet connection via LAN

In PuppyLinux
- Goto connect Icon
- Select "Connect to Internet by network interface"
- Select "eth0" in interfaces part
- Select "Auto DHCP"
- Waiting awhile select "yes" after found Do you want to save this configuration? dialog
- Select "Exist" button

Have fun! with internet access

How to make PuppyLinux Live USB

1. Make PuppyLinux Live CD and boot PuppyLinux with this CD
2. After access to PuppyLinux plug USB drive to USB slot
3. In the PuppyLinux Goto Menu => Setup => Puppy universal installer
4. Follow up instruction on the screen (have fun!)

Live CD Multisession Test Result

Today I make full test regarding Live CD, which write CD as Multi session.
- After I had shutting down. I able to save configuration to CD but unable reboot with this CD again.

Very Happy with PuppyLinux USB drive: Mention to puppy for USB drive is very good, work properly and very fast

September 17, 2007

Fast path download PuppyLinux ISO file

Today I have found very fast server to download puppylinux ISO file path as below

September 16, 2007

Puppy Version 2.17 Released

Puppy Version 2.17 Released on Friday, July 20, 2007, 12:25 AM


Enhanced dialup: Automatic detection and setup of serial and many soft-modems
Enhanced printing:Finally, Puppy has CUPS! Puppy supports over 500 printers out-of-the-box. Extra Hewlett Packard drivers are available as a PET package
Print-to-PDF: This is out-of-the-box setup for CUPS, with the 'CUPS-PDF printer' ready to go.
MMC and SD cards: These are now fully automatically supported. You should not have to setup anything.
Boot configuration: BootManager was introduced in Puppy 2.16 now taken the next step and added management of modules.
Hardware information: PupScan is my GUI application to view PCI and modules information. USB information is now added.
Pmount is a drive mounter
Boot from USB CD/DVD drive: the live-CD will now boot from this, as well as the usual internal CD/DVD drive
Boot from floppy disk: Puppy has this for a long time, now WakePup2 (floppy image file) has been greatly enhanced
ePDFView PDF viewer

and etc please